Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (CRPHT)

The Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (CRPHT) is a public research centre aiming to promote innovation in both the private and public sectors by providing support services across the main technology orientated areas namely: information and communication technologies, clinical engineering, industrial technologies, and environmental technologies. CRPHT intervenes in all the domains of the Innovation Chain: R&D projects, creation of competencies, technology transfer, technological assistance and consulting, and technology watch. A diversified network of industrial and institutional partners leverages the Centre's activities. In 2010, 447 employees worked at CRPHT, of which 342 researchers. CRTE is the department of CRP Henri Tudor focusing on environmental technologies. It employed 40 researchers in 2010. Amongst others, CRTE has proven competencies in the field of environmental assessment of products and Green manufacturing, such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Footprint, Ecological Footprint, Ecodesign and Substance and Energy Flow Analysis. These competencies have been developed and strengthened through national and European funded projects, e.g. RUBIN, VALORBOUES (Interreg), SEMS (FP6), Luxcycle (Ministry of Research) and transferred to the industrial field through consulting activities. The CRTE is consulting for many Luxembourgish companies in the field of LCA. Through the close collaboration with European universities and research institutes, the CRTE benefits from and contributes to an international network of environmental experts. Starting from 2011, the Eco-Technology Development & Transfer Program will bring together all the Eco-Technology competences within CRP Henri Tudor and will build on these competences, resulting in an improved service offering to our Clients, to the benefit of the Luxembourg Economy. Among the most recently carried out or ongoing projects relevant to the role the centre will have in the project BioelectroMET, CRTE can number the followings: 1) FEDER ECOCONCEPTION (Supporting ecodesign for SMEs – development of a web-based ecodesign tool); 2) TRASU (Green manufacturing of innovative anticorrosion surface treatment process using plasma technology); 3) VALMAT (Ecodesign of bio-polymer multilayer film for packaging applications).



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